It is time that West Bengal takes over other states, in terms of business and trade. The state of West Bengal has evolved in everything possible, and the availability of lands in the immediate outskirts of the capital city gives major boost in the formation of organisations and institutions.

Especially, the 24 paraganas, have given the entrepreneurs of the city some major goals for coming back and doing business all over again. Come to the southern part of the city, and get a tour of 24 Paraganas, you will get the Lowest Rate for Commercial Land in Kolkata.

Impressed with the term ‘lowest rate?’ We will give you more reasons to consider this place an ideal one as your commercial land. This place promises to make 20,000 workers together under one roof with every amenity of commercial and residential facilities. Doesn’t it mean a lot? And if you are thinking about the reasons to come down here, then please read the write up till the end.


What would you seek for, before thinking of settling down and also plan for your business?

  • A wide spread area?
  • With proper flats?
  • Closer to every requirement?
  • Good future for your children
  • And great business scopes?

If these are your concerns, then you have stepped in the right place. The 24 pgs has projects developed with 100 Acres area of land with 35″ft & 22″ft wide roads. To add more to these are extremely great drainage systems, 24X7 electricity, and great flats with nearby markets.


A man or family wishes to know the scope of their children as well, before planning to buy or settle down to a place, so to satisfy your queries, we assure you that the area has some great schools, children park, play grounds, and nursing homes for emergency needs. For that extra bit of entertainment and business marketing, you would also get community halls, fashion houses for the ladies, and for your business, the export houses.

If you are a core businessman, then these arenas will attract you here:

Business has great scope and evolution power in this locality. Why? Here are the answers:

  • Great roads: The first thing to notice about a place to stay or build an establishment on is the way the roads have been formed. And if that is perfect, then what else would you need. Roads with proper footpath will give you the freedom of a good ride and stay.
  • Proper transportation: Be it the ship’s docks or being closer to the airport, you can avail all means of transportation from this area. And, when you are on a business venture you need to be closer to the truck depot, where you stock will get stored and transported to, and cargo trains and ships as well.
  • Garment Export Hub: This place has been a renowned garment export hub, with garment factory and industries and along with it, jeans factory and washing units. With these flourishing establishments, you can very well be a part of the export business.

So, what else are you waiting for? You shouldn’t be taking much time to decide on settling in 24 pgs after this!

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