Meet Your Eye Doctors And Learn Some Terms About Vision Care

Do you know the eye is the most sensitive organ of your body? So, tending to it must be your first priority if a single irritation comes in your eyes.

The first question that comes to our mind, is with which doctor we have to consult first?

Here Are The People Who Come Under the Umbrella Term ‘Eye Doctors’

Who is an optometrist?

An optometrist is a primary health care specialist regarding your eye. He is a doctor who has an optometry degree (OD) and examines the vision and condition of the eyes of a patient, detects the sign of injury and corrects reflection error by prescribing glasses or contact lenses.

Who is an ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a doctor or an eye specialist who has the specialisation in eye care, eye surgery and visual system of the sense organ and has enough knowledge to cure the problem by prescribing medicine or surgery.

Who is an optician?

An optician is not a doctor. Basically, he is an operator who has the knowledge about glasses and lenses. He is an important part of the entire system. An Optician cracks the prescriptions given by the optometrist and ophthalmologist and offers proper glasses, lenses and medicines.

If you are in this city and want to consult with an eye doctor in Kolkata, learn some terms that you should know before you going to a specialist.


  • Contact lenses:

It’s nothing but a substitute of glasses. Glasses are for external use and the contact lenses are for internal use. It is made of glass or fibre that is placed just on the wall of your lenses.

contact lense

  • LASIK:

LASIK is a procedure to see the world without glasses even after having power problems in the sense organ. LASIK stands for “Laser in Situ keratomileusis”. People who are eager to get rid of their glasses go to their ophthalmologist and ask for a LASIK operation. By this operation, the doctors reshape the cornea with laser and that reshaping improves the eye focuses light ray on the retina. LASIK is a high technology bases surgical procedure which improves the eye vision.

  • Cataract:

Cataract is the common eye disease after 40. It can be described as clouding over the lens. As a result, vision becomes foggy and it interrupts regular vision. Cataract is an indirect effect of Diabetes, mental trauma and sometimes it comes from heredity.


  • Glaucoma:

It’s a dangerous disease of the eye in which one starts losing his vision as the optical nerves gradually get damaged day by day and lead to blindness. In most of the cases, people remain unaware of the disease. They come to the doctor only after losing 70% to 85% vision.

Glaucoma can be chronic and acute. In the case of acute glaucoma the eyes pain a lot and patients suffer severe headache. There’s a continuous tendency of vomiting and the sense organ become red. If all these happen to you immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

Yes, it’s true, that it’s an incurable disease but proper treatment and some basic surgeries decrease the chances of blindness.


Hope all these help you to get a better knowledge about eyes and their care. Be careful about your beautiful eyes and don’t take any chance with it.

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