With the continuous advancement of technology, the need of undergoing training in Automation Testing is also on a hike. More and more students having an interest in the field of software are showing interest in that training. So, if you are one of them make sure you know what the training is all about and what all it includes.

What Exactly Is It?

Every software application requires checking at regular intervals. This can be done in two ways, manual testing and automation testing. Since manual testing involves risk, companies often prefer the later one.

It is simply the process of using automated tools to test the software manufactured by a company with the purpose of comparing and showing the automated result with the expected one.


What All Is Included In This Course?

With increase in the number of aspirants for this course, more and more institutes offering those are cropping up all over India, especially in Kolkata. So if you are residing here make sure you approach the most renowned Automation Institute in Kolkata. Confirm that the courses offered by them include the below mentioned modules and topics.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers

Under this module students should be taught PLC hardware, PLC component’s fundamental information, inputs and outputs, concept of source sink, various electrical power circuits, components of electrical control, using ladder diagrams for basic level programs, PLC programming software, introduction to byte, bit and word concept, counter block programming, downloading-uploading-monitoring programs, basic troubleshooting, diagnosing PLC’s fault, Siemens PLC based ladder programming, analog parameters and signals, selecting and calibrating analog signals, panel designing, PLC networking and panel writing.

  • Data Acquisition and Supervisory Control

The topics included under this are preparation of project in demo mode, preparing animated bit map, touch zones creation, message files writing, data entry, analog entry, blinking, movement, sizing, filling, visibility, creating events and alarms, connecting with hardware or software communication protocols, communicating with excel, introduction to screen design and visual basics, among others.

  • Variable Speed Drives

It includes introduction to AC drives, PMW methods, direct torque or sensor less control, controlling flux vector,  working of variable speed drives, selecting drives for a particular application, constant horse power, configuring various parameter of different motors through drives, torque and speed control, and troubleshooting, to name a few.

  • Distributed Control System

This module includes introduction to the control system, application of the DCS system, DCS processor’s hardware architecture, power supply, redundancy operator, communication bus, and comparing PLC with DCS. Last, but not the least, students should be given scope of practical exposure to the leading DCS systems.

Interested In A Diploma?

A diploma course in Automation is a comprehensive form of all the modules. Are you interested in undergoing a Diploma Course in Animation? Not to worry! Various institutes all over Kolkata are ready to cater to your requirements. Have a look at the Internet and scroll through bundles of them. Make sure to pick one which provides world-class IT training, and be prepared for a bright career ahead.

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