When it comes to getting ISO 9001 certification, you may ask why you need this. Well, this is a valid question. ISO 9001, a globally acclaimed standard managed by International Organization for Standardization, is the quality management system or QMS standard that offers a number of benefits to any organization willing to go that way. This certification is however can’t be obtained directly. There are a number of ISO certification bodies across the country to help companies to get an ISO Certification in Kolkata (if your company is based in Kolkata).

Benefits of ISO 9001

Let’s have a look at how your company can be benefited with ISO9001 certification.

  • Meet your clients’ requirements – There are many customers who want to deal with only an ISO certified companies. To get and keep business from those customers, you need this certification. The piece of paper not only helps you keep your customers satisfied but also to let them come back over and again. Besides, ISO 9001 certification actually requires you to put some good effort toward quality management in terms of your business. So even if you were not so concerned about actual quality or improvement, in order to get that piece of paper will require you to do so.
  • Generate more revenue – Once you become ISO 9001 compliant, you can promote that quality certification and respond to the requests from big companies that only look for ISO certified companies to make business deals. And this way this certification opens up new and wide market you were previously unable to reach.
  • Improve product/service quality – A QMS standard is all about quality. And one of the leading results of adopting a quality management system is superior level of quality for the whole company – every process, every service and every product. A well-designed and well implemented ISO 9001 QMS can put your organisation on the way to quality and betterment.
  • Promote a professional ambience – Being ISO 9001 compliant is an excellent way to empower your employees. The QMS would provide them with the company’s job descriptions and quality objectives, the tools to do their tasks and give prompt feedback on their performance. And this, as a whole, will definitely improve the company’s work culture and ensure more professional manpower.
  • Ensure enhanced customer satisfaction – Maintaining quality denotes that your products and/or service would be as per your customers’ expectations. It means that you can meet their stated requirements as well as more of the implied requirements. Quality denotes fewer complaints and negative feedbacks. Quality means resolving complaints in a more effective way. If the implemented QMS works properly, you would know more about your customers’ expectation and as a result you would work toward meeting their requirements to ensure better customer satisfaction.

Being a Kolkata-based company, you must get your ISO 9001 in Kolkata to reap the above-mentioned benefits. Use the fact that you’re ISO 9001 compliant in your product/service endorsement to get better customer responses.

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