Animation is taking the job market by simply storm. Almost each and every company tries to make use of animation so there messages reach out their target customers and thus their products or services get the best promotion. Animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries. And thus the need the trained, qualified and well-versed animators are in great demand. They are gaining huge significance in the niches like cartoon making, online gaming, filmmaking, graphics designing and so on.
Requirement for professionals in animation industry is much more than the actual availability of the professionals. Only 1/3rd of the total requirements for the animation professionals are met. It is also required to mention that many MNCs outsource their animation tasks to Indian companies as the animation companies in India have proved their quality, technological skill, innovation and creativity in many instances.banner2
If you want to choose a career of an animator, here are some tips that would help you choose the best Animation Institute in Kolkata. This is inevitable to mention that there are a number of animation colleges and institutes that offer Diploma, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree programs in animation. You can choose any course based on your interest and eligibility.

  • Know yourself – The first thing you should do is to know where you actually stand. You should have some basic background in art as well as visual literacy. Look for institutes that offer visual literacy as a part of their course. If you don’t have any fundamental knowledge, you might take longer time to have an understanding of the subjects. Also know your strength and weakness in creativity. You can take an online Creativity Aptitude Test to see how much you score on that test. If you get an average score, your candidature can be considered to be good enough to move forward.
  • Check reputation of the institution – It’s inevitable to check the previous track record of the institute before you take admission. The age of the institute is well enough to ensure its quality. Quality of their site, professionalism of the staffs during admission and information content of the prospectus – these are some of the items that you must take into account. Don’t hesitate to ask the admission staffs during admission for their details. Check whether or not the institute is an authorised for different popular animation software like Flash, Photoshop, Maya, FCP, 3DS Max, Nuke and many more. All of these software companies evaluate these institutes very well before they grant due permission to become an authorised center. You should also look at the previous records and achievements.
  • Ask about job placement – Placement is one of the most important and significant parts of an animation institute. Ask chosen institute about their placement assistance. Don’t rush for placement guarantees. There can’t be anything like a guarantee as it comes to the job of an animator. So look for assistance to help you getting a good job.

These are just a few of many pointers to keep in mind while choosing an animation institute. You can also consider more points for your betterment.

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