6 Reasons That Tell You Why You Need AN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate In Kolkata

6 Reasons That Tell You Why You Need AN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate In Kolkata

Every time when people need to get services from any company they ask the same question-have you obtained 9001:2008 certification?

Now the question may arise why people need a 9001:2008 registered company in Kolkata and other cities in India?


Here are some reasons why a business organisation needs an ISO 9001:2008 certification in Kolkata.

  1. Meet Customer Requirement:

Many companies want the certification to satisfy customer’s need. Many business organisations need a documentation to keep on their trade and certification is the best way to get short-term payoff. A lot of customers are there who have little idea about the whole system and the reason behind the certification but have faith on a certified or registered company. They want the hallmark on the official recognition. This satisfied their (customers) need.

  1. Help To Get More Business And Revenue From New Customers.

A certificate is the best way to express the experience. Once you get your 9001 certification, the value of your organisation jumps up its position. Now you can advertise yourself as the “must-have service”, “Certified” “Recognised”. And these words attract more and more customers.

  1. It Improves Your Company And Product Quality.

More customers bring you more feedbacks. Now if you have already got: ISO 9001:2008 certificate in Kolkata, you are bound to provide with good and “quality” product or services as you promise in your advertisements.

  1. You Have To Increase Customer Satisfaction With Your Products.

Quality means serve according to the customers need. You have to meet not only the stated requirements but the implemented requirement. If your quality management system work correctly your standardisation of product as well as the customer satisfaction will increase.

  1. Understand, Describe And Communicate Your Company Process.

The ISO 9001 is your business identity that shows your motif and promises regarding your products and services.  After getting this orientation you have to understand your clients’ need and make them understand your status by describing your business policies and company’s process of work.

  1. Develop a Professional Culture and Better Employee Morale

Getting an ISO 9001 Quality Management System helps you build efficient employee list. The QMS will give them clear expectations that they are with a reputed and recognised authority. This feeling helps them to grow their individual skills.

What Can You Do With This Certification?

The fact that your company is now ISO 9001:2008 certified can be useful for your marketing. Your management system will perform better. You can talk about your successful registration and certified products. You can make yourself more reliable to your customers and to the market.

Everything You Need To Know About The Garment Industry Of India

Everything You Need To Know About The Garment Industry Of India

A country known for producing garments of high quality, India has a large number of small, medium and large-scale factories engaged in manufacturing apparels. The clothing companies are showing gradual growth, the main reason being people are becoming more conscious towards fashion. With technological advancement and the introduction of sophisticated machines, the traffic from these businesses has started dominating Indian economy.

Influence Of Our Apparel Factories On The Global Market

The market size of companies manufacturing apparels is increasing all over India. The country is typically blooming with lifestyle and fashion. The companies are showing gradual growth with each passing year. The focus of every Garments Industry in Bengal is not only on designing the apparel but they also undertake the task of manufacturing those. With companies going to such an extent in making their business flourish, the dominance of apparel factories on the global market is only expected to enhance.

Bulk Opportunity Of Employment

With people becoming more fashion conscious the number of apparel factories is only expected to increase and with it will rise the opportunities of people getting employed. The field of fashion designing is also blooming with more and more students interested in undergoing those courses. India being the perfect epitome of diligence and skill, the employees here are more effective workers. Workers that suits best the apparel factories.

Export Of Indian Clothing

Apparel companies in India earn high revenue by exporting their products. Indian retailers and manufacturers have witnessed considerable profits in the last few years. Stylish apparels are been produced and exported from India because they are available at a reasonably lower price. The main reason is the availability of labours at a much cheaper rate. The wage rate being low, the profit margin is high. Instances of Indian companies importing apparel from abroad are very low, almost negligible.

Domination Of Men’s Wear In The Garment Market

With men becoming more fashion conscious as compared to females, the consumption of fashionable men’s attire has increased globally and so has its demand. According to reports, around 1254370 units of men’s garment were produced in the year 2002, while the figure rose to 1393639 units in the year 2006. The apparels constitute more than 44% of the total market and are expected to grow yearly at a constant rate.

Latest News Of Garment Industries

  • The factories are estimated to have a requirement of around 1.5 million workers in the near future.
  • Many Indian apparel companies employ around 400,000 workers daily with additional 500,000 workers seasonally.
  • Mostly teenage girls and women are being employed in these factories, the much-needed booster, especially for the Indian society.
  • International brands and giant industries are sourcing more apparel and fabric from India because of the low price.
  • India has been projected to become one of the leading exporters of garments.

Since clothes play a vital role in enhancing one’s beauty irrespective of their age and gender, the market of apparel is only expected to flourish with each passing year.

Detail Course On PLC that Every Institute in Kolkata should Provide

Detail Course On PLC that Every Institute in Kolkata should Provide

PLC is an effective short time course that is educational and business-oriented at the same time. PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. The best aspect of choosing this is it has higher progression in a short period of time and the course fee is cheaper than other related higher education. On the contrary, the scope of prosperity in the field of Information technology is vast.

Various Types of PLC Courses:

It’s a vast field of knowledge, though you are fortunate enough to have it in a nutshell. If you are in Kolkata you have many organisations teaching this subject in a short time. You can complete this effective course in between other courses or in your vacations. Let’s get a little knowledge about the whole, part by part.


  • Production

         Time duration: 24 hours.

  • Course contains:
  1. Machine Operators
  2. Welders
  3. Assemblers
  4. Machinists
  5. Painters
  6. Testers

The basic covers the part where you’d learn about how PLC works. Different fields are described here, like different types of software and their working areas, basic do’s and don’ts et cetera. Students should have a little functioning awareness about equipment controlled by PLC’s.

  • Maintenance:

         Time: 40 hours.

  • Course contains:
  1. Multi-craft
  2. Mechanical
  3. Electronic
  4. Technicians
  5. Electricians
  6. Installers

The maintenance part of the course deals with the troubleshooting technique. It’s a study about different input-output schemes and their usage. Students have to sufficient working knowledge on device controlled or have to take the instrumentation and progress control class. The finest PLC institute of Kolkata takes detail classes on this.

  • Supervisors:

         Time duration: 24 hours.

  • Course contains:
  1. Production manager
  2. Team leader

In this part of basic PLC, students learn  about the process of maintenance and why the trouble has come while programming. Class length depends on the variety of equipment.


  • Maintenance:

         Time duration: 40 hours.

  • Course contains:
  1. Multi-craft
  2. Mechanical
  3. Electrical
  4. Technicians
  5. Installers

This is a more difficult part of PLC where learn  how ladder logic works and how it is used for troubleshoot. Safety is the primary part of this PLC training course. In Kolkata you can have a number of professional institutes that provide excellent equipment and faculty.


  • Maintenance:

         Time duration: 40 hours.

  • Course contains:
  1. Multi-craft
  2. Mechanical
  3. Electrical
  4. Installers
  5. Technicians

This is a deep study and practice on PLC programming. Here you will get advanced knowledge of troubleshooting technique.


  • Maintenance:

          Time duration: 16 to 40 hours.

  • Course contains:
  1. Multi-craft
  2. Mechanical
  3. Electrical
  4. Technicians
  5. Electronics
  6. Installers

These courses contain the basic PLC problems and how to identify them and some fundamental courses about the same. This totally focuses on the PLC related problem instead of input-output devices. Controlled grounding problems are a part of this course.

To become a part of these course students need to have good knowledge about  AC/DC and solid state.

Students who have an interest in the IT sector and a strong desire of being a part of it in near future must choose this short time effective course that many a career prospects.

Interested In Training On Automation Testing? Have A Look At The Courses

Interested In Training On Automation Testing? Have A Look At The Courses

With the continuous advancement of technology, the need of undergoing training in Automation Testing is also on a hike. More and more students having an interest in the field of software are showing interest in that training. So, if you are one of them make sure you know what the training is all about and what all it includes.

What Exactly Is It?

Every software application requires checking at regular intervals. This can be done in two ways, manual testing and automation testing. Since manual testing involves risk, companies often prefer the later one.

It is simply the process of using automated tools to test the software manufactured by a company with the purpose of comparing and showing the automated result with the expected one.


What All Is Included In This Course?

With increase in the number of aspirants for this course, more and more institutes offering those are cropping up all over India, especially in Kolkata. So if you are residing here make sure you approach the most renowned Automation Institute in Kolkata. Confirm that the courses offered by them include the below mentioned modules and topics.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers

Under this module students should be taught PLC hardware, PLC component’s fundamental information, inputs and outputs, concept of source sink, various electrical power circuits, components of electrical control, using ladder diagrams for basic level programs, PLC programming software, introduction to byte, bit and word concept, counter block programming, downloading-uploading-monitoring programs, basic troubleshooting, diagnosing PLC’s fault, Siemens PLC based ladder programming, analog parameters and signals, selecting and calibrating analog signals, panel designing, PLC networking and panel writing.

  • Data Acquisition and Supervisory Control

The topics included under this are preparation of project in demo mode, preparing animated bit map, touch zones creation, message files writing, data entry, analog entry, blinking, movement, sizing, filling, visibility, creating events and alarms, connecting with hardware or software communication protocols, communicating with excel, introduction to screen design and visual basics, among others.

  • Variable Speed Drives

It includes introduction to AC drives, PMW methods, direct torque or sensor less control, controlling flux vector,  working of variable speed drives, selecting drives for a particular application, constant horse power, configuring various parameter of different motors through drives, torque and speed control, and troubleshooting, to name a few.

  • Distributed Control System

This module includes introduction to the control system, application of the DCS system, DCS processor’s hardware architecture, power supply, redundancy operator, communication bus, and comparing PLC with DCS. Last, but not the least, students should be given scope of practical exposure to the leading DCS systems.

Interested In A Diploma?

A diploma course in Automation is a comprehensive form of all the modules. Are you interested in undergoing a Diploma Course in Animation? Not to worry! Various institutes all over Kolkata are ready to cater to your requirements. Have a look at the Internet and scroll through bundles of them. Make sure to pick one which provides world-class IT training, and be prepared for a bright career ahead.

Meet Your Eye Doctors And Learn Some Terms About Vision Care

Do you know the eye is the most sensitive organ of your body? So, tending to it must be your first priority if a single irritation comes in your eyes.

The first question that comes to our mind, is with which doctor we have to consult first?

Here Are The People Who Come Under the Umbrella Term ‘Eye Doctors’

Who is an optometrist?

An optometrist is a primary health care specialist regarding your eye. He is a doctor who has an optometry degree (OD) and examines the vision and condition of the eyes of a patient, detects the sign of injury and corrects reflection error by prescribing glasses or contact lenses.

Who is an ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a doctor or an eye specialist who has the specialisation in eye care, eye surgery and visual system of the sense organ and has enough knowledge to cure the problem by prescribing medicine or surgery.

Who is an optician?

An optician is not a doctor. Basically, he is an operator who has the knowledge about glasses and lenses. He is an important part of the entire system. An Optician cracks the prescriptions given by the optometrist and ophthalmologist and offers proper glasses, lenses and medicines.

If you are in this city and want to consult with an eye doctor in Kolkata, learn some terms that you should know before you going to a specialist.


  • Contact lenses:

It’s nothing but a substitute of glasses. Glasses are for external use and the contact lenses are for internal use. It is made of glass or fibre that is placed just on the wall of your lenses.

contact lense

  • LASIK:

LASIK is a procedure to see the world without glasses even after having power problems in the sense organ. LASIK stands for “Laser in Situ keratomileusis”. People who are eager to get rid of their glasses go to their ophthalmologist and ask for a LASIK operation. By this operation, the doctors reshape the cornea with laser and that reshaping improves the eye focuses light ray on the retina. LASIK is a high technology bases surgical procedure which improves the eye vision.

  • Cataract:

Cataract is the common eye disease after 40. It can be described as clouding over the lens. As a result, vision becomes foggy and it interrupts regular vision. Cataract is an indirect effect of Diabetes, mental trauma and sometimes it comes from heredity.


  • Glaucoma:

It’s a dangerous disease of the eye in which one starts losing his vision as the optical nerves gradually get damaged day by day and lead to blindness. In most of the cases, people remain unaware of the disease. They come to the doctor only after losing 70% to 85% vision.

Glaucoma can be chronic and acute. In the case of acute glaucoma the eyes pain a lot and patients suffer severe headache. There’s a continuous tendency of vomiting and the sense organ become red. If all these happen to you immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

Yes, it’s true, that it’s an incurable disease but proper treatment and some basic surgeries decrease the chances of blindness.


Hope all these help you to get a better knowledge about eyes and their care. Be careful about your beautiful eyes and don’t take any chance with it.

Want To Make Your Business Reliable? Avail An ISO Certification

The focus of any business is to minimise waste and error, thus increasing productivity. Availing the Certificate will not only cater to these needs of yours but will also make sure your goods and services are reliable, safe and of superior quality.

What Exactly Is ISO Certification?

For one not aware of the term, it is merely the method by which the’ International Organisation for Standardisation’ offers a standard or document. It provides some guidelines, specifications, requirements and characteristics, consistently used for ensuring that products, materials, services or processes fit the purpose they serve.





  • Increases the credibility, recognition or revenue for a business.
  • ISO 9001 increases the consistency of a business by enhancing the control one has on it.
  • A business can get rid of added service costs, generally associated with products of poor quality.
  • Consumers being aware of the quality that is been offered, will know what to expect from the company.


With over 12000 International Services being published which can be bought from the authorized store or its members, a company should be wise enough to choose which one is best suited for its products. Listed below are four vital ones.

  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008)

This standard being generic in nature can be availed by all sorts of industries, whether manufacturing goods or providing services. It is not exactly a certificate for products but the company’s Management system. It focuses of reducing risks, managing resources, increasing the satisfaction of employees and customers, and sustaining quality assurance, among others.

  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004)

This standard aims at offering the company a competitive edge, since there has been an increase in awareness about Corporate Social Responsibilities among stakeholders. It focuses on promoting the sustainable development of a company, enhances better management of energy and waste, and also helps to manage the environmental impacts of an organisation better.

  • International Organisation For Standardisation 22000: 2005 (HACCP) Certifications

ISO 22000: 2005 / HACCP Food Safety Management System aims at ensuring the integrity of a food supply chain, as failure to supply adequate food can be both dangerous and costly. This standard aims at providing unadulterated food to its consumers. Being a scientific approach it offers the company competitive advantage. In short, it helps a company to control its Food Safety Hazards.

  • Information Security Management System (ISO 27001)

This standard provides the ideal model for implementing, establishing, operating, implementing, monitoring, maintaining, reviewing and improving the Information Security Management System. Its main focus is to demonstrate credibility and trust, save money, and also take care that the relevant regulations and laws are been adhered by.

Time To Choose The Ideal Certification Body

Every brand should be wise enough to choose the apt body offering the accreditation. If one is staying at Kolkata, search for ISO Certification in Kolkataonline, evaluate each of them and confirm whether they are accredited and using the relevant CASCO Standard. Last, but not the least, make sure to label your certificate appropriately.

Are You Looking For the Lowest Rate for Commercial Land in Kolkata: Here It Is

Are You Looking For the Lowest Rate for Commercial Land in Kolkata: Here It Is

It is time that West Bengal takes over other states, in terms of business and trade. The state of West Bengal has evolved in everything possible, and the availability of lands in the immediate outskirts of the capital city gives major boost in the formation of organisations and institutions.

Especially, the 24 paraganas, have given the entrepreneurs of the city some major goals for coming back and doing business all over again. Come to the southern part of the city, and get a tour of 24 Paraganas, you will get the Lowest Rate for Commercial Land in Kolkata.

Impressed with the term ‘lowest rate?’ We will give you more reasons to consider this place an ideal one as your commercial land. This place promises to make 20,000 workers together under one roof with every amenity of commercial and residential facilities. Doesn’t it mean a lot? And if you are thinking about the reasons to come down here, then please read the write up till the end.


What would you seek for, before thinking of settling down and also plan for your business?

  • A wide spread area?
  • With proper flats?
  • Closer to every requirement?
  • Good future for your children
  • And great business scopes?

If these are your concerns, then you have stepped in the right place. The 24 pgs has projects developed with 100 Acres area of land with 35″ft & 22″ft wide roads. To add more to these are extremely great drainage systems, 24X7 electricity, and great flats with nearby markets.


A man or family wishes to know the scope of their children as well, before planning to buy or settle down to a place, so to satisfy your queries, we assure you that the area has some great schools, children park, play grounds, and nursing homes for emergency needs. For that extra bit of entertainment and business marketing, you would also get community halls, fashion houses for the ladies, and for your business, the export houses.

If you are a core businessman, then these arenas will attract you here:

Business has great scope and evolution power in this locality. Why? Here are the answers:

  • Great roads: The first thing to notice about a place to stay or build an establishment on is the way the roads have been formed. And if that is perfect, then what else would you need. Roads with proper footpath will give you the freedom of a good ride and stay.
  • Proper transportation: Be it the ship’s docks or being closer to the airport, you can avail all means of transportation from this area. And, when you are on a business venture you need to be closer to the truck depot, where you stock will get stored and transported to, and cargo trains and ships as well.
  • Garment Export Hub: This place has been a renowned garment export hub, with garment factory and industries and along with it, jeans factory and washing units. With these flourishing establishments, you can very well be a part of the export business.

So, what else are you waiting for? You shouldn’t be taking much time to decide on settling in 24 pgs after this!

Everything about Going to an Eye Clinic That You Must Know

Everything about Going to an Eye Clinic That You Must Know

Do you wear glasses? Are you seeing blurred images when the book is too close to your eyes? Having problem in seeing the bus number? These are common traits of the beginning of a weaker eye sight. It is also an indication that it is time you should be visiting a doctor’s clinic, soon.

Going to the clinic and going for an eye exam are two different aspects.

First is first:

Going to an eye clinic is the first thing you need to, when you face the above circumstances. Eye doctors would give you the best of solutions which either can be cured through certain medication or through certain exercise. There are also some casual remedies, which you never thought existed, or worked for the betterment of the eye.

The first thing doctor suggests, is keeping the eyes hydrated. Do you know it is good to cry once in a while? It clears the tissue glands and helps the nerves in the eyes function properly. The main point to be made here is the hydration of the eye. You need to keep in mind; the cornea is quite delicate as a part in the body. It needs to be kept cool. So if you are suffering from any redness or itchiness in the eye, most probably your eyes are not kept cool or hydrated.

What are the remedies?

Wear sunglasses, to keep them well maintained. And also, drinking 2 litres of water daily can help in improving your eye’s condition. You can also use eye gels in order to keep your eye in great condition. Washing your eyeballs frequently with normal or cold water is another simple remedy that you can go for.

Eye exams are also needed frequently.

Here are 5 reasons enlisted when you should be going for the eye exam:

  • With the change of time, your eyes also go through a change:

Your vision changes with time and you have to be extra careful about it.  With vision correction you can excel in your work field, school, and also in sports. And, if you are someone who wishes to avoid the eye exam being held at any eye clinic near Kolkata, then slight modification of power can cause you headaches or general eye fatigue.

  • Many serious eye issues come without knocking the door:

From glaucoma to retina infection and slow blindness, usually doesn’t come with many symptoms. You might just lose sight for a moment and regain it back right after, or you might face severe problem in seeing the bus number, these could be a sign of blindness. Cataracts and muscular degeneration gradually develops, so you cannot even understand, that your vision has decreased. A regular check up or time to time eye exam can help you out.

  • It can detect severe medical conditions:

Do you know that other diseases like diabetes and cancers can have an effect on your eye? Also, that these diseases could be detected through an eye exam? Yes, you heard it right. Brain tumours, high blood pressure, high cholesterol all could be detected through an eye exam and what better than prevention, at the earliest stage?

When are you coming to the nearest eye clinic then?

6 Facts to Know About LASIK Surgery before Going for It

6 Facts to Know About LASIK Surgery before Going for It

LASIK surgery is the best possible method to have removed your glasses and lenses. You possibly can turn on or off a TV programme, without hearing about the eye surgeries and how can get rid of those geek glasses. So, here we would talk about the most popular surgery for the eyes, which is been gaining a name in the U.S and India.

At first, LASIK surgery should be treated for the correction of wide range of myopia, which is nearsightedness and hyperopia, which is the farsightedness and astigmatism. The name has been derived from the use of laser that is included in the surgery to reshape the cornea without faultering with the neighbouring cells. For the modish use of technology, this surgery has been so popular.

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Hence, lets shed some light over the LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) surgery and know the 6 facts before one goes for the surgery:

  • Know Yourself at first:

Ask yourself, this question. Why are you heading for this surgery? You are going to live with the results of the surgery for life long. So, it is better to know the cons of the procedure at first when you head for a LASIK surgery in Kolkata. You never know, few people are still wearing glasses, after the surgery.

  • Know the Surgeon at first:

Ophthalmologist should be a person who should be certified from the boards and has an experience to look for. Ask him direct questions about the rate and whether he is willing to check you even after the surgery or not.

  • Know the Refractive Error of your cornea:

It is important to go through a thorough check up before you sit for the surgery.  The more myopic you are or nearsighted you are, the more “Refinements” will be needed after the surgery. Ask your doctor about the possible refinements you would need, if you are myopic.

  • Know whether you are fit for the surgery:

Not everyone is eligible for the surgery. People with severe dry eyes, or corneal diseases should not go for the LASIK surgery.  Check whether you fall into this category or not.

  • Know the procedure:

Whenever you are heading for the procedure, you must give a thorough research of the process in the Internet. Ask the doctor; take help from many other options, but only head to the surgery when you know the process entirely. Because it is about your eye, and you cannot take any risk.

  • Know the limitations:

LASIK is suggested to correct the nearsightedness or the farsightedness, but if you think that you will never need the reading glasses in your life after the surgery, then you are mistaken. As you approach the middle age, you will need the reading glasses to make your vision correct, therefore, know the limitations of the surgery before you proceed.

Therefore, never step into the surgery before knowing the facts about the surgical process, only then you will see a satisfactory smile after it is done.

How Can The Automation Institutes Help You to Have a Bright Future in AT

How Can The Automation Institutes Help You to Have a Bright Future in AT

In every IT company, whenever new software is launched, the perfect way of handling it is by checking the application at regular intervals. A software is not checked when it is completely made and is ready to be launched, for the end users, but at every alteration. Testing software is done many times, with every development. Whether a code is changed or the hardware configuration, the software would be always under process.  It is a continuous process, and hence needs a lot of patience and accuracy while correcting.

How manual testing gave birth to automation testing?

Now, there are two ways of correcting or testing software. One is the way a human would do, with the manual testing (MT). But there are certain disadvantages of using a manual tester. No matter, we take the fact that human are capable of many things, but still it is possible that a human might do certain mistakes, which might cost one heavy on his creation. As the number of lines increases in the codes, the risks of manual testing, bugs or errors creep into the code, making it difficult to proceed with the entire work.

For example, if one has to check the work of the ATM, then he has to bring a huge mass, and check the work in real time environment, and that would mean huge waste of time and money. And, in case of any glitch, manual testing can take days to find out the problem and hence, people came with the idea of automation testing, which is the second way of testing.


How is automation testing better?

Automation Testing (AT) is a process of testing the software made by a company by automated tools which would compare and show the automated result with that of the expected result. This has resulted in many aspirants in being attracted to the best Automation Institute in Kolkata. And, the reason for choosing it over manual testing is as follows:

  • The automated testing can repeat the set of predefined actions which are ‘Test Scripts’ and ‘Test Cases’ on the software, which comes out the perfect result of the success or failure of the actual and predicted result.
  • There lesser glitches by the automation machine, and neither do they take time to find out what is wrong with the software for days. It can take out the problems within one process of testing itself.
  • The automated testing can be upgraded and then implemented, which is however not possible in MT.
  • It is expensive but working AT means 100% accuracy.
  • MT can be altered but AT can never be done so.

Hence, the institutes who are training the best of students under the knowledge of AT, are gaining maximum exposure at the industries related to software. So, if you wish to get placed in an institute where you will have a bright future according to your education, then come and join the Automation institute of Kolkata, at once.