Some Effective Tips On Storing Your Garments

Some Effective Tips On Storing Your Garments

There are four eminent seasons in India. And this it is required that you store your off-season clothing properly to avoid any sort of damages by mold, mildew and insects. Make sure you wash and dry the garments before storing them. Avoid storing them in an airtight or plastic containers or bags. Rattan trunks would be a good choice for storing clothing since they allow the clothing to breathe well.

Here are a couple of effective and safe storage tips for storing your garments

  • Rayon is to be stored flat. If the clothing needs to be hung, make sure you pad it with white tissue and cover with clean, white muslin.
  • Linen products must be rolled. If you want to fold them, make sure you refold regularly to avoid the fabric from becoming creased, permanently. It is recommended to cover them with white muslin.
  • Suede and leather products have to be stored in a cool and well ventilated closet. Garments made of suede or leather are best covered with washed, clean, white muslin.
  • Silk and knitted garments also have to be stored flat. If you want to hang them, you need to pad them well with white tissue and then cover them with white and clean muslin.
  • Garments that are made of metallic fabric must be rolled with tissue paper or white, clean muslin to separate each layer.
  • Woolen garments have to be well cleaned, padded and wrapped in white tissue. You should always add mothballs to the wardrobe, trunk or any other storage area to prevent damage caused by moth.
  • Fur garments should be stored in a dark, cool place. Cover them with white, clean muslin. However, when it comes to proper preservation of fur garments, it would be better to use professional cold storage.
  • While storing garments, use of a drying agent (e.g. silica gel or calcium chloride) is highly recommended as this can absorb moisture and thus prevent damages from mildew. Don’t let the agent touch the garments directly.
  • Tie pieces of chalks together and hang them from the ceiling or any other support post to reduce dampness in the closet.
  • If the weather is dry and cold, make sure your chosen storage area is well ventilated.
  • You should protect your garments from wood acid attack by protecting the dresser drawer with quilted fabric or an acid free shelf paper.
  • Always clean the garments before they are being stored. Insects get attracted to the food, drink and perspiration.
  • Linen, cotton, wool and silk are natural fibers. They must be stored in a well ventilated storage area.
  • Don’t allow the mothball to touch the garments directly. Put them in a sock and then place them conveniently.
  • Garments should always be kept loosely so they can breathe and air can be circulated. But you shouldn’t use starch or fabric finish on the garments that are to be stored for a longer period of time.

These are some of the best storage tips provided by one of the topnotch players of the Garments Industry in Bengal. You can surely make use of them to preserve your garments for years without any damage.

Everything You Need To Know About The Garment Industry Of India

Everything You Need To Know About The Garment Industry Of India

A country known for producing garments of high quality, India has a large number of small, medium and large-scale factories engaged in manufacturing apparels. The clothing companies are showing gradual growth, the main reason being people are becoming more conscious towards fashion. With technological advancement and the introduction of sophisticated machines, the traffic from these businesses has started dominating Indian economy.

Influence Of Our Apparel Factories On The Global Market

The market size of companies manufacturing apparels is increasing all over India. The country is typically blooming with lifestyle and fashion. The companies are showing gradual growth with each passing year. The focus of every Garments Industry in Bengal is not only on designing the apparel but they also undertake the task of manufacturing those. With companies going to such an extent in making their business flourish, the dominance of apparel factories on the global market is only expected to enhance.

Bulk Opportunity Of Employment

With people becoming more fashion conscious the number of apparel factories is only expected to increase and with it will rise the opportunities of people getting employed. The field of fashion designing is also blooming with more and more students interested in undergoing those courses. India being the perfect epitome of diligence and skill, the employees here are more effective workers. Workers that suits best the apparel factories.

Export Of Indian Clothing

Apparel companies in India earn high revenue by exporting their products. Indian retailers and manufacturers have witnessed considerable profits in the last few years. Stylish apparels are been produced and exported from India because they are available at a reasonably lower price. The main reason is the availability of labours at a much cheaper rate. The wage rate being low, the profit margin is high. Instances of Indian companies importing apparel from abroad are very low, almost negligible.

Domination Of Men’s Wear In The Garment Market

With men becoming more fashion conscious as compared to females, the consumption of fashionable men’s attire has increased globally and so has its demand. According to reports, around 1254370 units of men’s garment were produced in the year 2002, while the figure rose to 1393639 units in the year 2006. The apparels constitute more than 44% of the total market and are expected to grow yearly at a constant rate.

Latest News Of Garment Industries

  • The factories are estimated to have a requirement of around 1.5 million workers in the near future.
  • Many Indian apparel companies employ around 400,000 workers daily with additional 500,000 workers seasonally.
  • Mostly teenage girls and women are being employed in these factories, the much-needed booster, especially for the Indian society.
  • International brands and giant industries are sourcing more apparel and fabric from India because of the low price.
  • India has been projected to become one of the leading exporters of garments.

Since clothes play a vital role in enhancing one’s beauty irrespective of their age and gender, the market of apparel is only expected to flourish with each passing year.